This is a scene from the video game "Superliminal." The Catholic News Service classification is A-I -- general patronage. The Entertainment Software Rating Board rating is E -- everyone. (CNS photo/courtesy Pillow Castle Games)

Perception affects reality in this intriguing forced-perspective puzzle game. As the patient of a doctor (voice of Max Howarth) who has developed a sleep therapy program based on lucid dreaming, players enter that state only to find, once they’re meant to come out of it, that something has gone wrong and that the physician cannot awaken them. As they then move through nine different levels of gameplay, they discover that certain items they encounter can be changed simply by looking at them from a different angle. Alongside the technically simple graphics is a soundtrack that beautifully complements the immersion experience. Aside from brief images of blood that, characteristically, turn out not to be what they seem at first, there is no problematic content while underlying the fun there’s a valuable lesson about the importance of innovative thinking and persistence. Playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

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