Alan Wake 2

An image from the video game “Alan Wake 2.” (OSV News photo/Epic)

(OSV News) — Well-crafted but intense and unsparing, the survival horror game “Alan Wake 2” (Epic) presents a narrative that delves into the human psyche in a sophisticated way. Only those adults willing to encounter graphic content, however, should grapple with it.

Immersed in a world where nightmares are made manifest and alternate dimensions intertwine, players follow the investigative activities of FBI Special Agent Saga Anderson (voice of Melanie Liburd). Anderson has been tasked with unraveling the range of mysteries that surround the disappearance of the titular novelist (voice of Matthew Porretta).

The mayhem encountered along both characters’ paths is frequent and sometimes gruesome. Gamers see explosions, blood splatter effects and gaping wounds.

The game plays on the often blurred lines between reality and illusion, which makes for an intriguingly mysterious experience. As they shuttle between Anderson’s sleuthing and the grim trials befalling Wake, players are left to wonder how much of what they witness is actually happening.

While “Alan Wake 2” avoids overtly occult or demonic material, it does incorporate unsettling imagery and subject matter that may disturb some gamers. Yet, in a way reminiscent of the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” it offers a gripping experience that will linger in the minds of those few for whom it’s suitable long after gameplay concludes.

Mature fans of the genre will appreciate this title’s masterful storytelling and atmospheric design. But both kids and those among their elders who are on the lookout for light entertainment should steer clear.

Playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Windows.

The game contains mature themes requiring discernment, strong combat violence with gory images, brief full male nudity and frequent profane and foul language. The OSV News classification is L — limited adult audience, material whose problematic content many adults would find troubling. The Entertainment Software Rating Board rating is M — mature.


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