Immortals of Aveum

This is an image from the video game "Immortals of Aveum." The OSV News classification, A-III -- adults. Entertainment Software Rating Board rating, M -- mature. (OSV News photo/Electronic Arts)

(OSV News) — First-person shooter games don’t often involve fantasy. But the visually pleasing “Immortals of Aveum” (Electronic Arts) — which also boasts a talented voice cast and quickly paced action — combines these elements to good effect. Some harsh mayhem and vulgar talk are also included, however, making this safest for grown-ups.

The story is set on the titular planet where two nations are battling to control magic. Their conflict has caused the Wound, a giant hole in Aveum that is growing at an alarming rate. Within this environment, players take on the persona of pickpocket-turned-warrior Jak (voice of Darren Barnet).

Jak has allied himself with the Immortals — people who are trying to end the strife and bring peace and healing to Aveum before it’s too late. Predictably, though, there’s a lot of fighting to be done before this can be achieved.

Jak is mentored by Grand Magus Kirkan (voice of Gina Torres) as he learns to wield three types of magic: Force, Life and Chaos. These are akin, respectively, to a long range weapon, a rapid-fire armament and a shotgun. Jak can acquire and upgrade other abilities as well.

Although not excessively graphic, the warfare in which Jak engages is sometimes gory. Jak also encounters some disturbing sights, including bloodstained corpses.

On the upside, there’s no sexual content and the game is completely single-player, eliminating any concerns about exposure to poor behavior from competitors. As a result, at least some parents may consider “Immortals of Aveum” acceptable for older teens.

Playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Windows.

The game contains combat violence with bloody effects, some grisly images and fleeting rough and crude language. The OSV News classification is A-III — adults. The Entertainment Software Rating Board rating is M — Mature.

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