Bishop releases statement on death of religious broadcaster Pat Robertson

Bishop Barry C. Knestout meets with hosts Terry Meeuwsen (left) and Pat Robertson (right) during an appearance on The 700 Club in 2018 in Virginia Beach. (Photo/Catholic Diocese of Richmond)

(RICHMOND, Va.) – Bishop of Richmond, the Most Rev. Barry C. Knestout, has issued the following statement after Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) announced Thursday, June 8, that CBN founder and religious broadcaster, Pat Robertson, died that morning in Virginia Beach. He was 93.

“Pat Robertson was an example of facilitating modern technology and the latest communication tools, to spread the Christian message to a worldwide audience. He took Christian broadcasting to a higher level through his 700 Club and many programs. In the 1980s, as multiple cable TV networks were being launched, he chose to put the Gospel at the heart of his work and in doing so brought Christ and the Good News to millions of viewers daily. 

“I met Pat Robertson in 2018. He was among the first faith leaders in Virginia to whom I was introduced, and he and his staff graciously welcomed me. I am tremendously grateful for how I was received by him and his team. I joined him on his show, the 700 Club, for an interview and found him to be kind, thoughtful, and gracious. A good ecumenical relationship between Catholics and evangelical Christians was clearly a strong desire of his. But, it is his work in the area of bringing the Gospel message to millions where they are – through modern technology and communications – that will forever be regarded and remembered.”

-Bishop Barry C. Knestout

Bishop Barry C. Knestout during an appearance on The 700 Club in 2018. (Photo/Catholic Diocese of Richmond)

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