An apology from the editor

Dear Readers,

Space in the Sept. 6 issue of The Catholic Virginian included an editorial cartoon that should not have been published in this paper. Thank you to all who wrote or called to express outrage, indignation, disappointment and other views that were warranted.

You’re right. That cartoon did not belong in our diocesan publication. As many of you noted, its message lacked the love of Christ that we, as Catholics, are taught to preach and to live — especially to the sick and dying.

Had I taken additional time to reflect and more carefully consider what it was depicting, it would not have appeared in The Catholic Virginian. But I make no excuses. I made a grievous error in editorial judgment — a decision that disrupted the paper’s mission to instruct, inform and inspire readers — and I apologize for it.

Publication of the cartoon was not consistent with the publisher’s desire that all matters covered by the paper be done so with charity and kindness. I deeply regret that something so offensive was published and pledge to make every effort to fully express the Gospel of Christ’s love in its fullness.

Please know that I continue to pray for an end to COVID, for those affected by it and for myself — that I may be more diligent in relying upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the decisions I make as editor.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Brian T. Olszewski

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