Accuser recants allegations
against Father William Dinga Jr.


The Catholic Diocese of Richmond announced Tuesday, Dec. 15, that an individual who previously came forward and accused a retired diocesan priest of child sexual abuse has recanted the accusations. The allegations were made earlier this year against Father William Dinga Jr.

This recantation by the alleged victim exonerates Father Dinga of these accusations. The priest adamantly denied and maintained his innocence concerning the allegations, which arose from alleged conduct at Christ the King Catholic Church, Norfolk, in 1986, when they were brought to the attention of the diocese.

Just as the diocese strives to remain transparent when child sexual abuse allegations are brought forward, the diocese will also publicly clear the accused of any wrongdoing when an accused is subjected to mistaken or unsupported allegations.

Father Dinga, who obtained a medical retirement in 1990, was ordained a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond in 1975. As a result of his exoneration of these charges, the diocese has restored him to the previous position and status he held with the diocese prior to the now recanted allegations.

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