400 celebrate Rite of Election in vicariates

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Catechumens from the Western Vicariate celebrate the Rite of Election at Our Lady of Nazareth, Roanoke, on Saturday, Feb. 29. A total of 400 catechumens – 150 adults and 250 children – representing 74 parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond became “the elect” during the Rite of Election during the weekend of Feb. 29 – March 1. (Photo/Vy Barto)

Bishop Barry C. Knestout shakes hands with a young member of the elect following the Rite of Election in the Eastern Vicariate at Blessed Sacrament, Norfolk, on Sunday, March 1. (Photo/Vy Barto)

RCIA leaders from the Central Vicariate show the Book of the Elect from their respective parishes as the elect declare their intent to become Catholic during the Rite of Election at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, on Saturday, Feb. 29. (Photo/Vy Barto)

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