Letters • October 17, 2022


Politicians deviate from Church teachings

President Biden has established some ways of legally protecting abortion in the United States: 1. Giving more than $6 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to Planned Parenthood, which is working on getting mobile abortion clinics to bring abortion to other states. 2. Publicly stating that the Church has permitted abortions in some cases. By doing this, he is trying to tell people that the Church is OK with abortion.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated publicly that the Catholic Church has not determined when life begins. I think her wrong, hypocritical opinion is based on some statements from St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas about at what point the embryo would receive the spirit. But the Catholic Church teaches that the spirit is in the unborn at the time of conception. Period!

This situation with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and even Dick Durbin has been going on for too long. Sadly, the American bishops remain not unified and wishy-washy about this situation. Are they afraid to disturb powerful politicians? If so, learn from Jesus.

The Vatican and the pope remain silent. The pope was quick in sharply criticizing President Trump’s wall when he visited Mexico, but still, I don’t hear him sharply criticizing the galloping abortions in the United States and calling to order politicians who strongly and publicly not only defend abortion, but protect this criminal practice.

Meanwhile, we have a holocaust of unborn babies in United States only similar to the Jewish holocaust under the Nazis. – Ysaac J. Chabo, Newport News

Wants more details on immigration policy

In response to the article, “Sponsorship programs benefit refugees, communities” (Catholic Virginian, Oct. 3), there is much that can be favorably said, but for an article to be more than a paean to the virtue of one side, and instead an informative article that best assists migrants and combats “negative stereotypes,” one might explore reasons for stereotypes.

In our country, the immense recent increase in illegal crossings through our southern border, no doubt by many decent people looking for a better life, has also resulted in a flood of drugs, sex trafficking and the enrichment of criminal cartels – not to speak of “get aways” from all over the world (who knows how many of them are terrorists?) Attention to some of these “details” would offer your readership some sense of the immense, very complex set of problems that beset policy makers.

There are many Catholics who uncritically vote for politicians who promote abortion and all the other anti-life policies that are today being promoted as “health care,” rationalizing that if these same politicians support so-called “social issues” as this article presents them, they are in sufficient conformity with the Church to be in league with the angels. – Professor Franklin Debrot, Spottswood

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