Letters • January 25, 2021


Didn’t see the letters

Did you see the blizzard of letters to The Catholic Virginian from pro-life people condemning the return to and rush of federal executions, the first since 2003, authorized by Attorney General Bill Barr, a Catholic, and recommending that he be refused Communion because of this?

And did you see the praise of Joe Biden by pro-life people for saying he would not approve executing people?

Yeah. Neither did I. – Dr. Mario D. Mazzarella, Newport News

Stop the hate speech

It is disturbing to see inflammatory discussion on the pages of The Catholic Virginian. I suppose there are people who are “pro-abortion,” but I have never met one.

People who are smeared by this term are usually those who are opposed to the enforcement of religious beliefs by government.

A new low occurred in a letter (Catholic Virginian, Dec. 28) accusing President Biden of promoting the killing of God’s unborn babies. This is calumny and should not have been published. It is the sort of rhetoric that incites violence.

A couple of decades ago, a group of zealots thought they would be doing God’s work by bombing medical clinics and assassinating gynecologists. No doubt their critics would be characterized as “pro-abortion” in today’s overheated environment.

History gives us many examples of the terrible abuses when the state takes upon itself the enforcement of religion. Stop the hate speech! – Daniel Moran, Williamsburg

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