Letters – February 20, 2023


‘Common sense gun legislation’ targets lawful citizens

Another year starts and another article (Catholic Virginian, Feb. 6) conflates multiple issues into one. Anytime that “common sense gun legislation” is mentioned, you know that it’s partisan speech for ineffective (to lower crime) and unconstitutional infringements on the rights of Americans.

These political stunts are foolhardy especially in light of the Bruen Supreme Court decision in 2022, which states if there were not gun laws on the topic at our nation’s founding, then there can be no modern equivalent now banning guns by type, capacity, or form.

Further, this article mentions that most of the victims in the area were single, young adult males. Sounds like crime or gang-related deaths to me, and almost guaranteed to be handgun-related — which also happen to be American’s number one choice for self-defense guns. Legislative efforts to limit gun rights targets us lawful citizens.

Lastly, gun rights are Catholic; Luke 22:36 and Catechism of the Catholic Church 2265. We must acknowledge that we live in an imperfect world and we have a duty to use the best means for our self-defense if it ever comes to it — guns. –Philip Cathell, Chincoteague

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