Letters • December 12, 2022


Sacred art could encourage vocations

I appreciate Bishop’s Knestout’s commentary on sacred art (Catholic Virginian, Nov. 14). If we were to expand our concept of “vocations” to include iconographers (among other professions whose purpose is to portray the beatific vision), it seems to me our Catholic communities would benefit in several ways.

The power of truth, goodness and beauty, portraying Catholic belief and practice, would draw in the unbaptized and strengthen the faith, hope and charity of Catholics. The numerous parishes would be a step closer to being the special communities which people usually travel long distances to see at monasteries or basilicas – little islands of heaven on Earth.

Some of the viewers, and the iconographers, composers, builders, etc., encouraged at the parish level by the Church to employ their talents in the service of God and neighbor, might fall so much in love with the beatific vision that they are drawn to the formal sense of “vocations” – holy orders and consecrated life. – Anthony Rago Jr., Newport News

Church should evolve view of same-sex marriage

Re: “Amended marriage bill still threatens religious liberty” (Catholic Virginian, Nov. 28)

It’s been over seven years since the Obergefell Supreme Court ruling in 2015 found a constitutional right to same-sex civil marriages. Since that time, my traditional marriage has not faltered, and I have seen no evidence that the Supreme Court ruling has impacted other traditional marriages. In fact, the only change I have seen in our society is a rise in violent crime against the gay, lesbian and transsexual community.

Cardinal Dolan and the other leaders of the Catholic Church need to understand that marriage is good for society. They need to meet, talk to and befriend members of the LGBTQ community because they will see that the love they share is no different than the love my wife and I share for each other. And they will find that same-sex love does not hurt anyone. They also need to understand that their bigotry toward the LGBTQ community is only impacting Christ’s desire that we love one another.

Young people are leaving the Church in droves, and it is exactly Cardinal Dolan’s position that is a leading cause. The Catholic Church will survive, but only because it will eventually evolve and understand that, like its condemnation of Galileo, its current position of same-sex marriage is way off base. – Philip L. Russo Jr., Virginia Beach

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