Guest reflection:
Summit reminds me that ‘I am where God wants me to be’

Virginia Tech Catholic Campus Ministry students gather for a group photo Feb. 10, 2024. (Photo/Office of Communications/Office for Evangelization)

For college students (especially me with three tests this week), taking a weekend trip is demanding, but I can confidently say that I don’t regret going to Summit one bit. One of my favorite parts of Summit is seeing my best friends from high school who are at other schools within the diocese and some of my friends who are in seminary!

This year, the women’s session was very impactful. I was in a group with three of my friends, and we were instructed to pray with each other. It was a beautiful process where we were able to open up and speak to the Lord with one another, through which I was reminded that praying out loud and with others is extremely powerful.

One of the other highlights of the weekend was Eucharistic adoration. I felt the power of the Lord as he gazed upon me from the altar. Meanwhile, we sang a song called “Gratitude” with the lyrics: “All that I have is a hallelujah. I know it’s not much, but I’ve nothing else fit for a King.”

This song really spoke to me in the moment. As a college student, there are plenty of times when we are struggling with money, work, relationships and commitments, and it simply feels like we cannot give anything to the Lord.

Jesus reminded me that he is happy that I come to him, no matter where I am or what I can offer – that I am worthy of his sacrifice. It brought me peace to feel known by the Lord and to recall that I am where he wants me to be. Summit continues to remind me that God answers prayers!


RaeAnna Kelly is a sophomore, majoring in biochemistry at Virginia Tech. She is a member of the Servant Leader Team as Communications Minister for Catholic Campus Ministry.

Read the full report from Summit and the Diocesan Youth Conference.


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