April 20, 2021, by John Shaughnessy, Catholic News Service
INDIANAPOLIS — As John and Mary Weisert looked forward to their 50th wedding anniversary later this year, they did so from the foundations of love and faith that still deeply marked their marriage. Members of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis, the couple always seemed to be by each other's side, from participating in Mass faithfully together to attending monthly meetings of the parish's social group for senior citizens. The college sweethearts who met at the University of Minnesota even shared a preference for being known by their middle names. John was Steve to those who knew him best, and Mary was known as Carol. So as the late night of April 15 turned into the early morning of…

April 16, 2021, by Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service
April 16, 2021, by Tom Tracy, Catholic News Service
April 14, 2021, by Julie Asher, Catholic News Service

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