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April 9, 2021, by Daniel S. Mulhall, Catholic News Service
“Out of the Red: My Life of Gangs, Prison and Redemption” by Christian L. Bolden. Rutgers University Press (New Brunswick, New Jersey, 2020). 216 pp., $29.95. Christian L. Bolden grew up in a mixed-race family in a trailer park in San Antonio. His father was absent most of the time. While his mother worked two jobs at times, the family remained in poverty. Attending school in a wealthy neighborhood, he experienced feelings of being unwanted and unworthy. He found his support within the gang culture that thrived in his San Antonio neighborhood in the 1980s and ‘90s. His gang involvement landed him in the Texas state prison system with an eight-year sentence; he was paroled after five years. Always an…

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