Christmas 2021

December 28, 2021, by Cassandra Palmer, Catholic News Service
When you have good news to share, who is the first person you want to tell? Your closest friend or most respected mentor probably has the honor of receiving your first phone call before you share your joy with a wider audience on social media. In Luke's Gospel infancy narrative, the Lord opts to privilege the lowly shepherds with premier access to his greatest news – Christ is born! The angels' tidings of great joy and hope are offered first to those who most needed to hear it: the poor, vulnerable and outcast. These men needed to learn that they were as worthy of the Lord's grace as anyone else. No one earned the salvation that Jesus was initiating at…

December 27, 2021, by Shemaiah Gonzalez, Catholic News Service
December 26, 2021, by Mike Nelson, Catholic News Service
December 25, 2021, by Hosffman Ospino, Catholic News Service
December 23, 2021, by Nancy Wiechec, Catholic News Service
December 22, 2021, by Anna Jones, Catholic News Service

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