Advent 2021

November 12, 2021, by Shemaiah Gonzalez, Catholic News Service
We know Advent is a season of waiting but what if you feel like you’ve been waiting for a long time? We’ve been waiting for the pandemic to be over. We’ve been waiting to “go back to normal.” But ultimately, and for 2,000 years, we’ve been waiting for Christ to return. To reconcile all things. To make everything right. What if we reframed the act of waiting — as a gift? There is a refining that happens when we wait. A transformation of our spirit. When we wait, we prepare. We gain experience. And there is a hope, that in that transformation, God’s will becomes our will. We have been given this opportunity as a gift, a gift for the…

November 12, 2021, by Mike Nelson, Catholic News Service

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