Bishop: ‘Let your will be
enveloped in God’s will’

Bishop Barry C. Knestout kneels during the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday, March 28, at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. (Photo/Michael Mickle)

During his homily at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Palm Sunday, March 28, Bishop Barry C. Knestout said, “God enables us to cast off the old self and to put on Christ. We rid ourselves of the soiled, tattered clothing of sin and put on the washed and clean new garment of virtue and life in Christ.”

He noted that in order to do this, the faithful must be willing to admit to and cast aside weakness and sin, and to do it with humility, obedience “and a desire to listen to God’s word so fully, that our wills are enveloped completely in God’s will.”

Bishop Knestout continued, “As we make this passage though Holy Week, may God assist us to cast off the deeds of darkness and wrap ourselves in Christ, who takes on human flesh, to take away from us, sin, and death. This is what Holy Week is all about.”

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